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Fishin'Clips Fishing Rod Portage Tool by Grasshopper Products USA


The clips are constructed out of the same durable material as the Monomaster and have an innovative foam/rubber cushion that gently, but securely grips onto your rod. The clips are specially designed to be used with any type of fishing rod and tackle, from large, open ocean rigs to delicate 0-weight fly fishing rods.

You can now leave your tubes and cases in the car or back at home and simply use the Fishin'Clips to hold all the rod sections together while walking. This way you need only hold the rod handle while all the other sections and line are held in a secure, parallel position. This avoids having to hold all the sections in your closed fist that risks damage to the structure of the rod, damage to the guides and tangles in the line. The clips also prevent heavy weights and lures from banging against rods during portage, which can lead to micro fractures and cracks.

When in a charter boat anglers can prevent their line from swinging around and tackle banging against their rod, the side of the boat or cracking them in the face by securing everything down with a pair of Fishin'Clips. 

The Fishin'Clips can be used in many ways. You can use them to prevent line getting caught up in bushes while moving between spots or getting tangled with other equipment when transporting in the car.

How about temporarily clipping your rod to your vest to free up your hands after catching a fish? Or securing your rod to the car door or a fence without having it fall to the ground while you're suiting up or taking a break?. You can gently clip a cigar to something if you need a place to put it, or clip your sunglasses to prevent losing them when not in use. You can even use the Fishn'Clips to hang wet fishing clothing up to dry. The utility of these clips is endless!

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