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Frogs Fanny
Frogs Fanny

'Double-Duty Fly Treatment'

This is the stuff that made me reconsider CDC. I liked fishing with CDC but could never get the fly to float again after catching a fish. I have heard of some smoke and mirror stories of people reviving CDC with a quick squeeze of an old jumper but it never really worked for me so I would change flies until returning to more easily revived hackled flies.

The CDC procedure:

1) Catch a nice fish

2) Unhook

3) Rinse the fly in the water

4) Squeeze excess water out of the fly with an Amadou patch

5) Apply Frogs Fanny with the included brush and marvel as your CDC fluffs up like new

6) Blow off the excess dust and your CDC should look just about perfect.

7) Repeat from 1) above

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