Fly Fishing for Pike, Wolsoncroft-Dodds
Fly Fishing for Pike (Hardback), Wolsoncroft-Dodds
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A comprehensive and authoritative guide to an increasingly popular sport. Fly-Fishing for Pike is a relatively new sport, which is generating much enthusiasm and many converts. 

The author has enjoyed many years successfully fishing for pike and is keen to open the fly-fishers' mind to the excitement of fishing for a large, wild and challenging quarry. 

This comprehensive guide shares techniques, tackle, flies and tactics which are tried and tested by the author and his many pupils who have been converted to the enjoyment of catching pike on the fly. 

The book covers many types of water from small English rivers and old estate lakes to huge Irish loughs, Scottish lochs, Welsh lakes and English trout reservoirs - even the Baltic! 

Fly-Fishing for Pike deals with techniques that will encourage and enable both the newcomer and experienced angler to catch pike throughout the changing seasons of the year.

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