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Shimotsuke Kiyotaki Tanago Rods
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Customer Review:

'What can I say? This little rod is a sheer joy to fish with or rather take a walk with. It's so light you almost forget your fishing. It bends on big fish and small as well. You can feel the slightest nibble. It fits in your pocket. I'd imagine it can handle any small creek fish you might want to catch. Kids love it! I love it!'

For the longer versions of this rod see Shimotsuke Kiyotaki Tenkara Rods

To find out more about Tanago fishing I have just published an article by Stuart Minnikin where he talks about Tanago: Hands up who's heard of Tanago ? 

To save any confusion I'd like to explain that the model listed here (Shimotsuke Kiyotaki)
and the model listed under Tenkara (Shimotsuke Kiyotaki) are different length ranges of the same design of rod, the 6ft to 10ft are classified as Tanago rods and 11ft to 15ft are classified as Tenkara rods.  Although these rods are the same model the two length ranges serve different purposes.

Shimotsuke Rod Company are held in high repute in Japan, they specialise in Tenkara and Tanago rods. This model 'Kiyotaki' is named after a beautiful Japanese resort nestled between lush green hillsides.

We have 5 Tanago models, 180cm 210cm 240cm 270cm and 300cm approximating to 6ft 7ft  8ft 9ft and 10ft rods.  These rods are unbelievably light, the 6ft rod weighs just 15g ! which equates to slightly more than half an ounce.  There is not reel or coated fly line weight to add so these rods redefine lightweight fly fishing.  The rods are telescopic and when collapsed all the models are the same length - just 37cm or about 15" so you could easily carry one in a backpack on a days walk in the hills.

The shorter rods allow you to cast into tight spots, the lack of fly line allows for very delicate presentation, you will catch fish closer than you thought possible and you will catch more fish than you thought was possible. Streamcraft soon becomes instinctive, you are working closer so you move carefully, when you flick the light leader and fly upstream the fly lands with no splash, the fish looking upstream take the fly without hesitation and even very small trout put a lovely bend in these rods, the fish can be played properly with even tension allowing even small fish to stay on when using barbless hooks.

These rods are most at home fishing small brooks, becks and streams but I think small stillwater locations could be interesting for coarse species.

  • Lightweight, from just 15g
  • Compact, all sizes just 37cm when collapsed
  • These rods have a rolling tip i.e. the end of the tip section can rotate
  • Nice action , very precise
  • Action rated at 7:3 but after testing them I'd say it seems half way between 7:3 and 6:4

I think these rods are also an ideal way to teach children to fish, see my article here.


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