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Valcan Fluorocarbon Tenkara Level Line
Level Line /

Specifically designed for Tenkara.

The fluorocarbon is light green with a matt finish, ideal for clear and low water situations where fish would be spooked by the brighter fluorocarbon leaders.  When pulled from the spool, this material responds well to a quick stretch and then hangs limp.

We are just keeping the #2.5 weight at the moment, which is a very light line rating on the tenkara scale.  I have given it a test on my Suntech Kurenai H30 and it casts beautifully, I think it will be my go to line for that rod.

Note the weight system is for Japanese Tenkara rods and is totally different to the AFTM fly line weight scale. Each 0.5 makes as big a difference as changing a full line weight in the AFTM scale. As a rough guide #2.5 is very light and I would class as being equivalent to using a #2 weight fly line on a normal fly rod through to #4 Tenkara being equivalent to around a #5 weight normal fly line. This makes a great material for making french nymph leaders as well as Tenkara or Tanago leaders. 30M spool, it will need greasing up well if using for french nymph to avoid it sinking and getting a sagging length of line in the water.

Materiel: Fluorocarbon

Diameter 0.0272mm

Colour: Light Green, matt finish

Spool length: 50m