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Dohiku HDO Bloodwork barbless hooks
Dohiku HDO barbless fly tying hooks

Dohiku - World class barbless hooks 

Nicely shaped, well formed eyes and very sharp.

Squirmy wormy hooks

From Dohiku:

"DOHIKU HDO hooks. These barbless hooks have been specially designed and developed for "blood worm flies" according to the requirements of centuries of tested fly shapes by over fly fishermen from behind the La manche Canal/ English channel/, where was born the wet fly fishing. Our consultant was Mr. Bill Eadie. HUGE THANKS! The shape of the hooks shows the bending and movement of aquatic animals and the special for the twisting of worms. These hooks are improved form for free-floating flies. The shape of these hooks is unique in its balanced shape and also allows the imitation of flies as well as leeches, crustaceans, and larvae of flies as well as hydropsyche larvae, of course, as well as terrestrial insects."

20 hooks per packet

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