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Stroft Cutting Rings for Spool System

One component of the Stroft Spools system.

This is the much improved 2016 design of cutting ring.

These cutting rings can be fitted to any Stroft 25m or 50m spool.  They are equipped with a high quality line cutter that allows you to pull off the desired length of tippet, neatly cut it with the built in cutter and the cutting ring grips the line leaving a small tab length that can be easily grasped next time you use it. 

Fits into the Set of 5 spool system (click ikon below for more information), so can be used alone or as part of a set of 5.  

Extra cutting rings are also useful as they allow you to keep alternative diameters or tippet types ready to swap into your set of 5 when fishing different conditions or for different species.  This way you can quickly tailor your selected 5 tippets for the days fishing.

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