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3D Fish Eyes With Tying Tabs

Nice looking eyes with holographic shimmer that are extremely easy to tie in.

I was in process of tying up a few popper baitfish for stillwater trout fishing and realised I didn't have any eyes the right size to look right.  I continued tying the flies without the eyes with the intention of adding later.  Once I sourced thes tabbed eyes I found it was very easy to tie them in to the completed flies, a couple of wraps of thread, hold the eye with the tab facing forward, and wrap around the base of the tabs. Repeat on the opposite side of the fly, trim the tabs and you're done.  I found these easier to position correctly and tie in than any other eyes I have used before.  Haven't tested the flies yet but I'm hopeful the thread securing method should make them quite resilient.  I did re-enforce with a little uv resin behind and a quick zap with the uv lazer pen.

The 4mm are nice for trout lures, the 6mm for larger trout lures, perch or pike lures.

Packs of 18 eyes