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Semperfli Swiss Straw

Semperfli Fly Tying Materials:

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The Best In Fly Tying Materials – Home Of Nano Silk

Semperfli's Swiss Straw is a tremendous synthetic substitute for raffia in a host of artificial fly patterns. This fly tying material is perfect for wing cases, scud backs, and emerger wings in both caddis and mayfly patterns.

The Semperfli Raffia is very strong, almost impossible to tear crosswise, but can be easily separated lengthwise. Always cut out the required amount with scissors, don’t tear it! By twisting your prepared Swiss Straw strip in the middle you will find it a lot easier to tie in place. Fix Swiss Straw with figure-8 wraps behind the eye in the spent position, and then pull backward and wrap the base, use tent shaped Swiss Straw for sedge wings or flat for spinner wings or standing up for mayfly wings. You can also use Swiss Straw for nymph wing cases on stone flies or the backs on your scuds and Czech nymphs. You can colour or make mottled patterns using permanent markers making this a highly versatile material.  


- Synthetic substitute or replacement for raffia
- Great for wing cases, scud backs, and emerger wings