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Stroft 3 or 5 Leader Spools Complete System New Version

NEW! Three spool option added for even more compact set up.

This is an amazing new system from Stroft.  I have tested this and can say it's really very nice to use, a complete redesign that is improved in every way on the previous iteration.

  • Comes with 3 / 5 line cutters each featuring top quality Solingen titanium nitride coated alloy blades that will fit 25M and 50M Stroft spools
  • The line cutters also effectively secure the loose end of any diameter tippet from 0.03mm to 0.6mm
  • Flat stainless steel spring and nickel plated brass hole ensure smooth pull of line from the spool
  • Comes with 25 colour code labels for tippet I.D.
  • The 3 / 5 line cutters lock in place in your preferred configuration for easy selection of the tippet you require
  • Anodised carabiner and short strap included which allows easy attachment to your fishing apparel
  • Blocks UV light protecting your tippet from UV damage
  • Each of the 3 / 5 cutting rings can be used individually if required once loaded with a spool of tippet.  Just deconstruct the set of 3 / 5 and carry a single spool for ultra lite fishing or tenkara.


3 / 5 x Cutter rings to fit Stroft 25m and 50m spools

1 x Stroft short strap

1 x Spool holder

Identification labels

Instruction manual

Note: Stroft tippet is not included, it is in the photographs for demonstration purposes only.  The system can be assembled without spools of tippet in the cutting rings if you do not need 5 variations.

We have 25m or 50m spools to fit this system in all the following varieties of Stroft:

Stroft ABR Stroft FC1 Stroft FC2 Stroft GTM