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Ultra Fishing Head Torch


Very useful torch for evening or night fishing.

The power button is used to cycle through the lighting modes, options are red band, white band and main beam, each has two brightness levels.

Once you have selected the lighting mode you want to use you can press the hand sensor button, the selected mode will now switch on and off by waving your hand past the device.

I found the band setting, either in red if you want to preserve your night vision or white for maximum visibility, is excellent for tying on or unhooking fish. It is really useful and very easy to use because there is no fiddling for torch buttons, just wave your hand past your head when your fish is in the net, unhook and wave again to turn it back off.

I found I was able to use the torch in combination with my fishing cap clip on magnifiers, making close up work in the dark easy.

The main beam setting is great for finding your way about either getting back to base or finding your next spot.

The torch is USB rechargeable, seems to have a pretty useful battery life, just make sure to top it up before your fishing trip.