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Stroft LS New Low Stretch Tippet

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Now in 50m spools, to fit the spool holder system.

I've had some good feedback on the new LS from fly fishing competition river anglers.  The following is from the manufacturers website:

NEW in January 2015!!! STROFT LS is ideally suited for all fishing techniques in which low stretch is required. A line with slightly reduced suppleness that outperforms all other monofilament in terms of tensile strength.

STROFT LS got developed on the basis of a new polyamide-alloy. The tuning focus rested on the goal to achieve a fishing line with a low stretch factor while ensuring the highest breaking strain possible.

The increased stiffness causes higher memory which might be disadvantageous for some knot types. If not been tied correctly the line closest to the knot might go curly. The same effect might occur through line being pulled over a sharp edge. Having said this provided the effect is not too pronounced it can easily be rectified with a line straightener. In comparison to softer monofilaments the line‘s relative stiffness aides leader turnover, particularly of the fine tippet

See chart to the left for technical properties.