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Hends BL 354 Barbless Dry and Nymph Hooks

Hends Barbless hooks are made from high carbon steel, have chemically sharpened points, black nickel finish, most are forged and they are nicely shaped.

The BL 354's have a really superb shape, similar to the TMC 103 but these are much heavier wire. Hends now have four wire weights for this style of hook, the BL 404 is fine wire, the BL 454 is a standard wire hook and this version is strong wire.  This is great for fishing where the average fish are big and strong and you want to use heavier tippet.

Now available in an even heavier wire if you anticipate the chance of a monster fish: BL254

The hook points are long and curve in and up which really helps fish hooking and holding.

Forged, down eye, strong wire with black nickel finish.

Packs of 25